Valet Drop- Off is Open

Valet Drop-Off is Open

As you may have noticed, Grandridge Avenue becomes extremely busy and congested during the start of each school morning. In order to help students get to class in a timely manner and help morning drop- offs less stressful, Repetto School offers families our Valet Drop-Off service between 7:30am 7:55am each school morning. The valet lane is located on Grandridge Avenue, near the back of the school cafeteria.

To ensure that our Valet Drop-Off service runs smoothly and safely, we remind parents that the valet lane is not for parking and that parents are to stay in their vehicle while in the valet lane. Please have your child’s backpack, lunchbox and other belongings ready so he/she can exit the vehicle immediately upon pulling up to the valet lane.

Parents are welcome to drop off younger students, including TK/K students at the Valet. Please let one of the volunteers know your child needs assistance getting on campus and a student volunteer will accompany him/her to the lower playground or the cafeteria.

If your child is not ready to be dropped off or is having a difficult morning, please do not pull into the valet lane. In these instances, we ask that parents park their car on the street and walk their child to the gate when he/she is ready.

We encourage parents and student in grades 4th through 8th to volunteer to ensure that this vital service is successful. If you would like to volunteer, please come into the office for a permission slip.