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School Uniform

School Uniform

The Board of Education approved a mandatory School Uniform Policy for all kindergarten through grade 8 students beginning September 1996. This decision was strongly supported by a parent survey. Students are expected to wear uniforms daily. Non-uniform days will be announced.  Please note that on such days, students are expected to dress according to district standards with no prohibited attire.


  • Color: Navy blue or khaki. 
  • Black is not permitted.
  • Style: Fitted at the waist or elastic waist.
  • Fabric: Twill, cotton or cotton blend, polyester blend, corduroy; sweat materials are not acceptable; denim material is not acceptable.
  • Pants must fit at the waist and must not be more than 2 inches larger than waistline.
  • Must not be low cut, tight fitting or too baggy.
  • Holes, fringe/shredded not permitted.
  • Walking shorts must be at least mid-thigh and may not extend below the knee.
  • Pants or shorts must be hemmed and may be cuffed or un-cuffed. 
  • Baggy leg pants and bicycle shorts are not allowed.
  • Blue jeans are not permitted.

Jackets/Coats/Sweaters/Cardigans/Sweatshirts (pullover or zipper style):

  • Color: Navy blue, white or school color. 
  • Note: May only be worn over uniforms; shirts/blouses are not acceptable as outerwear
  • Jackets/coats worn only outside (not in class) must conform to general Appearance/Dress Standards


  • Color: Navy blue or khaki
  • Black is not permitted
  • Style: Fitted at the waist or elastic waist
  • Fabric: Twill, cotton or cotton blend, polyester blend 
  • Denim material is not permitted
  • Note: Length must be mid-thigh (bottom of fingertips to mid calf)


  • Color: Navy blue, white or school color (maroon)
  • Style: Polo, turtleneck, short or long sleeves
  • Note: All shirts and blouses must have collars and sleeves
  • T-Shirts are not permitted

Special Comments:

  • Shoes must follow District Dress Standards
  • Optional articles of attire will follow the present District Dress Standards
  • Scout uniforms may be worn on meeting days
  • Students are expected to wear uniforms daily except for site designated school spirit days.


  • No tank tops, no bike shorts/leggings, no baggy pants, no short shorts/skirts, no mid-calf shorts, and no sweat pants.
  • Gang-related attire, clothing which depicts tobacco/alcohol products, inappropriate messages/graphics, baggy clothing, tight or low-cut clothing, and no bare-midriff clothing.
  • Baggy pants definition: waistline "more than 2 inches larger than the natural waist"
  • Shoes, clothing, hairstyle, jewelry, or make-up which are distracting or unsafe are not permitted.
  • Open footwear such as thongs, sandals, go-aheads, backless or soft-soled shoes (jellies) are unacceptable.
  • Be clean and neat, i.e. no big holes in pants.
  • Colored glasses are not acceptable at school, except in emergency medical situations with written permission.
  • Caps and hats are not to be worn in the classroom.
  • Make-up: light use of cosmetics and nail polish in light colors (not red, brown, black, etc.) are permitted in seventh and eighth gra