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Parent Involvement

We encourage all our parents and guardians to be involved by joining us at our monthly parent information sessions and other upcoming parent meetings or workshops. We are also inviting parents to provide input on the Repetto Safe School Survey and let us know how we can improve our school climate and physical environment.
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E.Coli in Romaine Lettuce Update

The CDC and FDA have issued an E. Coli Contamination Warning on Romaine lettuces and related products. They recommend that people should not consume any romaine lettuce until more information is known about the source of the contamination and the status of the outbreak. In response to the warning, Food and Nutrition Services have decided to remove all Romaine Lettuces from our menus until the warning is lifted. If students and parents have any concerns, please contact Food and Nutrition Services.
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Parent Information Session

Join us on November 30th for our Parent Information Session on Writer’s Workshop. Coming soon, we will provide monthly parent workshops on cyber safety and social media.
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